"Maternity Leave" Art Exhibit featuring Ryan and Rachel Gloria Adams
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"Maternity Leave" Art Exhibit featuring Ryan and Rachel Gloria Adams


An exhibition of work by Rachel Gloria and Ryan Adams


Ryan and Rachel Gloria Adams are a married couple, expecting parents and acrobatic paint dancers residing in Portland, Maine.


Ryan has a deep love for letters, stemming from his background as an un-commissioned exterior designer and work with traditional sign painting. The work exhibited in this show is all in his ‘gem’ style of lettering, each displaying a phrase or saying masked behind interlocking colors and highlights and shadows that accentuate the movement of the letterforms. If you find yourself going a bit cross-eyed trying to decipher the messages, the goal has been achieved.


Rachel’s work displays her adoration for African Mudcloths, Scandanavian design and American quilts. With a background in printmaking and textile design, she is able to combine the two by placing black and white patterns alongside cut-out shapes of accentuating colors to make one cohesive piece. All of the work exhibited was created while 9 months pregnant and having the looming possibility of her water breaking mid-brushstroke.  


For this show, Ryan and Rachel challenged each other with assigning each other colors outside their comfort zones and creating a piece of their own using the same color way.  Ryan also challenged Rachel by getting her to complete her work prior to the due date. Rachel challenged Ryan by allowing him to admit that he knows nothing about what is right and that his best work is created when he is silent.


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